What Do Thai Women Like for a Partner

If you’re interested in dating Thai women, then make sure you know the cultural differences between Thailand and the West. It is not very surprising that an average guy back home ends up with beautiful Thai women. On the other hand, some guys who do quite well back home, get ignored by average Thai girls. Why is that so? Do Thai women seeking men have any specifications? Let’s find out together what Thai women like for a partner.

Thai women are looking for men that is different among other men

You want to know the number one thing Thai women like for a partner?

We all know that Thai people have different physical attributes compared to western people. Thai men are slimmer, shorter, and have medium skin tone. Single Thai women loved to be with men who are completely opposite from Thai men.

a happy couple by the beach

They are more attracted to men who are taller, fairer skin, heavier built, and more masculine. That is why a lot of Caucasian guys get a higher success rate in dating Thai women compared to other nationality because of their physical features.

Thai women are seeking men with an average masculine body

If Western women would love to date a hyper-masculine guy like Jason Momoa, then that is not the case in Thailand. Don’t forget that the average Thai woman is short and skinny. She’d probably be terrified of someone like Jason Momoa’s size.

a hunky man

On the other hand, if you are a guy who looks like Zac Efron, that is slim, yet with a slightly effeminate face will do very well in Thailand. Lessen your hours at the gym pumping iron and drinking steroids for a while if your goal is to meet Thai women.

Thai women are seeking well-groomed men

Keeping a high standard of personal hygiene and dressing does wonders in winning over beautiful Thai women. Practice of proper grooming is the second best thing Thai women like for a partner.

Mature women seeking men in Thailand love to date men who make an effort to smell and look good. This is the only way you can get the best first impression from them.

a well groomed man

If you are a foreigner, make sure you avoid wearing a Farang Uniform. A Farang Uniform is what most middle-aged western men wore in Thailand that consists of sandals, shorts, and a Red bull tank top.

The average Thai male wore clean shoes, designer jeans, and polo shirt whenever they went out shopping, clubbing, and eating at the restaurant. Make sure you followed these tips if your goal is to chat with single Thai women.

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Thai women are looking for men with fairer skin tone

This might be very unfortunate, but it is actually a fact. In Thailand, people are judged based the color of their skin. The whiter your skin is, the more elite you are perceived to be.

Supermarkets in Thailand are filled with skin-whitening products for Thai women. They also carry around an umbrella every time they go out just to protect their skin from the sun’s rays.

Thai models are so pale that they look like they haven’t been exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if a Caucasian man whose skin is burning and crisp reddish brown shouldn’t be surprised that beautiful Thai women won’t give him a second glance.

On the other hand, Africans, Indians, and Arabs who arrive in Thailand don’t get much attention compared to Caucasians because of its darker shade of skin.

Thai women are seeking men with a healthy body

A lot of Thai women looking for men who don’t have a beer gut. Thai women consider it to be a major turn off.

Losing weight is easier said than done, and poor genes or a slowing metabolism doesn’t help. Neither does the cheap beers available everywhere in Thailand and expat restaurants that offers huge meal servings.

However, you can follow some helpful tips on how you can lose a few pounds in Thailand.

a man jogging by the beach

First, you must stick in drinking whiskey or beers with low calories.

Secondly, Thai meals are often served in small portions and fewer calories compared to expat restaurants, so eat local and you’ll drop a few pounds in no time.

Being fit will make you look younger, healthier and desirable to beautiful Thai women. You will see the difference in getting more attention from single Thai women if you start to control your weight.

The last option for all single Thai women

Some of you must be wondering as to how an old, overweight foreigner with zero fashion sense being escorted by a beautiful Thai woman half his age. Doesn’t that even match with all the bits of advice above? It sure does. But remember, these men are only escorted to the nearest jewelry shop or ATM machine.

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In reality, no matter how a guy looks or how unattractive he may be to Thai women, there will always be some uneducated or immature women who will be more willing to date them in exchange of material support.

a man giving money

This is good for guys who don’t have any chance in dating, but depressing for those guys who are being used rather than genuinely loved. No matter how complicated it is to meet mature women seeking men in Thailand, then make sure you followed all these tips to make your dating life easier in Thailand.

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