• How to Impress Thai Parents-in-Law

    Mission: Impress Thai Parents-in-Law is easier said than done, especially for Western folks. Traditional beliefs (especially in rural parts) tend to clash with the more liberal Western practices. And when they butt heads, it’s not a pretty picture. So, don’t expect smooth sailing 100% of the time! Asian parents are unfortunately stereotyped as overbearing folks who have a tight leash on their children, all in the name of ensuring their success. Some scholars call this “tiger parenting.” Thai parents get lumped into this group because, well, they’re Asian parents. Also, it may have something to do with the fact that Thai culture strongly emphasizes familial connections to get by in…

  • real or a bot

    Is A Dating Profile Real or A Bot? Here’s How to Tell

    If you’re on an online dating site, you’re probably expecting all of the people you interact with to be real people. Yes, there are imposters, con artists, and other such individuals, but aren’t they all human? Wrong. Numerous dating profiles are run by bots, which are computer programs. These bots take advantage of you to the farthest extent possible. Your biggest challenge, then, is deciding if a profile is real or a bot. What’s the deal with these bots? And, more importantly, how can you detect bots and avoid becoming a victim of their deception? How can you tell if the profile you’re swiping right on is of a real…

  • filipinas and thai women

    Filipinas and Thai Women: Their Similarities and Differences

    It’s understandable if you’re torn between Filipinas and Thai women. It can be difficult to tell them apart because they are both well-cultured, beautiful, and intelligent ladies. There are cultural and personal contrasts between the two women, though, that can help you clear your mind. Thailand’s and the Philippines’ dating cultures differ in certain ways but are similar in others. That is why, before you decide to date one of these women, you should learn more about them. It’s difficult to date someone from a different culture because it’s unfamiliar territory for you. The best strategy is to look for things you share in common and use them to your…

  • dating a thai girl in america

    The Complete Guide To Dating A Thai Girl In America

    In most cases, dating a Thai girl in America is not the same as dating a Western woman. The main concepts of dating and marriage apply to Asian women as well. However, there will be some subtle differences. Online dating a Thai woman in the United States may be the solution to finding the right Thai woman for you.  If you’re interested in a Thai girl in America, you’ll need to understand a lot about her culture. You’ll see that she’s a very conservative individual that prefers to keep things in the Thai way, with their language and cultural practices. Because most Americans do not speak Thai, this lady does…

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