• TrulyThai 7 Lies We Have to Stop Telling About Thai People-min

    7 Lies We Have to Stop Spreading About Thai People

    There are plain, simple truths that make us ‘ha!‘ each time we learn something new about an object, (a group of) people, or place. And then there are unadulterated lies mixed with bias and a sprinkle of prejudice. Arguably, Thai people are often victims of them—either for entertainment or to distort a narrative. Lies, when uncontrolled, often lead to false information. It is how others believe in something against a race or culture before even going to that country. That is toxic, no doubt. And, that is a bad thing, especially if you’re in an interethnic relationship with a Thai single. To be in an interracial relationship with a Thai…

  • TrulyThai Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore in Your Relationship

    Red Flags You Shouldn’t Neglect in Your Relationship

    We’ve all seen people all over the internet posting their take on red flags. Sometimes, these run from conflicting tastes (like pineapple on a pizza) to simple pet peeves (burping loudly). Yet, these red flags aren’t always the worst—some red flags are redder than others. While some conflicting tastes and pet peeves can sometimes be tolerable, red flags often suggest you should totally stay far away from that person. People around us may have told us to steer clear of partners—or potentials ones—who exhibit red flags in relationships. But, what exactly is a red flag? What is a red flag? Red flags are signs or warnings—sometimes it’s our gut feeling—of…

  • Thai date

    Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Thai Date

    Well, how about that—it’s already February! That means Valentine’s Day is just a few sleeps away. Are you and your Thai date ready for Love Month? We sure are! We usually associate V-Day with roses, chocolates, and romantic dates. But, did you know that the holiday’s history remains a mystery? That’s right—no one really knows how the whole shebang came about. However, most of us know that Valentine’s Day is a mix of Christian and ancient Roman elements. Others have other claims on its origins: some believe it’s a commemoration of St. Valentine’s burial. In contrast, other people say that the holiday’s purpose was to Christianize Lupercalia, a pagan celebration…

  • Thai date

    Fun Thai Date Ideas

    Thai dates are just as fun as that of other cultures. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the country always has something to offer to everyone. Thailand’s got many well-known stops and hidden gems awaiting eager visitors. Since Thailand’s tourist attractions and other must-sees are aplenty, you and your partner are bound to have new date ideas born out of your adventures. If you’re from a bustling city like Bangkok, maybe you two can switch things up and see life away from the concrete jungle. But if you live away from the city lights, perhaps it’s time to go beyond your bubble? The world’s your oyster, so…

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