TrulyThai: Site Features and How To Use Them

People always say that love is hard to find especially in online dating sites but we’re prepared to prove them wrong. TrulyThai is packed with state-of-the-art features along with an up to date algorithm that makes the search for your ideal Thai beauty a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the cool features TrulyThai has to offer:


To capture a member’s attention, let them know you’re interested in them. Good thing TrulyThai has this feature for you. To send an interest, simply click the Show Interest button found on a member’s profile or their profile snippet.

How to show interest to a member on TrulyThai

Add Friend

To make your virtual relationship with your Thai match closer, add them as your friend. In that way, you can easily keep in touch with them and they’d be easier to find since they’ll be on your friend list once they’ve accepted your request.

To add a member as a friend, go to their profile and click Add Friend located below their basic info.

how to add a friend on TrulyThai

Browse Profiles

After going through the sign up process, you can immediately browse profiles who are currently online. You’ll also be able to view their profile to get to them better.

Browse profiles of members who are currently online.

Search Profiles

Search for specific members easier by using TrulyThai’s advanced feature. Enter the country, state, age, gender, relationship type, body type, and the user’s last activity.

Advanced search form on TrulyThai

Note that it is not required to fill up all the information. Just answer the question you want and we’ll provide you a list of users that fits the criteria that you’re looking for.

Share Photos

Photos are a great way of showcasing yourself and attracting members. To share photos, simply click on the "My Profile" drop down menu and click Photos. You can either choose either to upload a photo straight from your device or take a snapshot.

Share photos on TrulyThai

For more chances of attracting members, make sure to accentuate your facial assets.


Already found someone you like? Awesome! Drop them a message immediately before other members get to do it first. Use TrulyThai’s chat feature you’ll be sure to get closer. This enables you to talk and see each other at the same time even though both of you are on the opposite sides of the planet.

Send a chat request by going to the member’s profile you like and click on the Chat Now button below the information section. This only applies to members who are online. But if they’re currently offline, you can still send them a message.

You will never be disappointed in joining TrulyThai. We only provide you with the best Thailand dating experience possible. So come up and join our ever growing community full of Thai singles now and find your ideal match effortlessly.