Your Guide to Thai Dating and Safety Tips

Millions of people are trying to find love on dating sites, and that includes Thai people. It has undoubtedly changed and improved Thailand’s dating game in the right way. That means that there are a considerable amount of people who swear by the efficiency of online dating sites and other social media websites. But to navigate it safely, you’ll need these Thai dating and safety tips.

There are some amazing successful love stories that come from online dating sites. However, there are also terrifying ones that you should look out for, so you must learn some Thai dating and safety tips before taking a step into the virtual world. It’s better to know these things to be aware of what you can do to avoid being scammed through love. 

How to keep yourself safe on Thai dating sites

At first glance, it might sound weird to see the word dating and scam. However, the nature of danger will still find its way into things. For romance and dating, scammers can take advantage of people looking for someone to love online or offline. 

Check out our list below to guide to a safe love search journey online.

Improve your vocabulary

First, let’s improve your online dating slang. If you do more research about online dating scams, you can read new words. Understandably, new slang words have surfaced over time, and learning a ton of it can help you in the process. 

Having to understand online dating lingo can help you have a soft sailing of finding love in the virtual world. If you are new or unfamiliar with some, you must do some research to know and comprehend everything you see on the dating site. 

If you won’t, you might encounter issues, especially when someone will send you a message that contains a new slang. You might get left hanging and confused because you couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Moreover, when we talk about online dating, different ethnicities are also in their journey of looking for love. The use of the universal language is the way to understand one another. From that, people have come up with colloquial language to use in the love-searching platform. 

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To keep you on track on the things you will most probably stumble upon, here are some of the most commonly used words and phrases:

  • Breadcrumbing – It is the term used for someone who promises to meet with you. However, they never set a date. The person will message you intermittently. It is more likely that they are uncertain about your relationship. 
  • Catfishing – This happens when someone online uses another identity or a fake one. It could be someone good-looking or famous. In this way, they can attract more people. 
  • Cuffing Season – It refers to the dating season in the month of winter. It is a time when some people are content to be single, while some who date casually would probably commit to a relationship. 
  • Casually dating – It is a type of dating where it does not require additional time and commitment to someone you are dating. It could be two people who are seeing each other for sex or near-sexual. 
  • Daddy – The term “daddy” online has changed quite a bit. It can be used to call someone who’s older but has an impressive face and body features. It is how you describe a hot older man. 
  • DTR – It is the acronym for “Define the relationship.” When you get this text message from someone you have been talking to and seeing for a while, it means they want you to be clear of what type of relationship you are both in or want it to be.  
  • Ghosting – From its root word “ghost.” It happens when someone suddenly ceases from all the communication mediums you have been using to connect. Or they do not respond to you anymore and have been ignoring you and your messages.  
  • IRL – It is the abbreviation for “in real life.” You should feel the excitement when someone texts you, “Let us meet up IRL.”
  • Kittenfishing – It is one of the branches of catfishing and lying. However, it is more subtle. In a way that when someone is kitten fishing you, they are displaying herself or himself in an unrealistically positive way. For example, a person you met online will exaggerate a specific talent to make you think that they are so much more. 

Choose a trusted and proven Thailand dating site

Making a dating profile in the wrong dating is one of the many reasons why people experience online dating scams. Assure it to pick the right one by researching the safest one. 

Go with the most trusted Thai dating site and app, which is It is the number one safest romance website. Plus, it is packed with cool features that bring together Thai singles while protecting you from Thai dating scams. Dating Thai women has been smooth and safe with the help of 

Here is a list of things that usually indicate that a site has suspicious or even illegal motives:

  • It asks you to put your monthly or annual income, generally ask you more about your finances rather than you love preference 
  • It requires you to input your card and bank account details 
  • Already getting tons of messages and suitors when you just signed up and have an unfinished profile 
  • The site is flooded with many fake accounts that can catfish you since most of the profile pictures look like people from movies. 

Investigate and learn more about the other person

This tip varies depending on how long you have known the person. However, if you just met someone, never tell them to contact you on the other social media you have. Talk to them through the online dating site first. 

This way, you will be able to distinguish if they are real people or not. Do not rush to know someone you met in a dating app or site through other online platforms.

Never pass on the time to investigate and learn more about the person’s information by yourself. It will also help you to consider the probability of being scammed by someone rather than being sorry. 

There are different ways to scrutinize the prospective partner you met online. One way is to do a reverse image search on google and various applications to see if the photo is actually their own or pulled from a stock site. You will see if they are what they tell you. Also, you can look them up on social media like Facebook and Instagram, too. 

Be wary of any requests for money

Dating online should be about love, not money. Extortion of money online can be the most unfortunate thing that can happen to someone who is just looking for friendship or a person to love. But unfortunately, countless people have been left behind financially broke at the same time with a broken heart. 

If you ever come across someone who asks money from you, never hesitate to end the conversation. These people are opportunists and just using the dating site to get financial stability. 

Pay attention to their grammar

Besides probing their profile pictures, you must also be cautious about how they write their biography. Look for grammar mistakes. It helps you see if they spent a substantial amount of time building an acceptable dating profile.  

A lot of testimonies online say that scammers will say that they are from a country like the USA or UK, which are native English speakers. However, when they message you, their grammar is all over the place, and sometimes you cannot understand what they are messaging and talking to you.

Never share too much information about yourself

It is one of the no brainers Thai dating and safety tips. However, you should know that scammers can do many things that can harm you if you disregard this. They could use it to blackmail you or even make another profile with your information and pictures. 

In the world of online dating, oversharing does more harm than good. The best thing that you can do is get to know the person better in terms of outlooks. Study their personality, your intuition towards a person is usually right. Take your time, and it will help you know if something is off with someone.

Always suggest a video call

Fraudsters are scared of video calls. Once you ask them to show their faces on camera, they will divert your attention by flattering your heart. Or they can give you different reasons and excuses why they can have a video call; it could be like saying they are at work, or their phone’s camera doesn’t work.  

If you are already in that stage where you regularly talk and chat with someone online, you have every right to request a video call. This way, you can avoid and be aware that they are not catfishing you. 


Once you follow these Thai dating and safety tips, you are safe and on track on your ride of searching for love online. Just always keep your head up and be cautious of suspicious accounts and dating sites.  

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