7 Reasons Why You Should Date Thai Singles

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If you’re considering dating Thai singles but are still having doubts about whether it’s worth a shot, we’re here to help you decide. Thais are pleasant and friendly people, and you’ll have a great time with them if you understand them.

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Still not convinced? Let’s take a quick peek into Thais’ background so that you can understand them better.

Who are Thais?

Thais, or Thai people, are Thailand’s natives, a tropical Southeast Asia country famous for its exotic beaches and glorious Buddhist temples. Thailand is a major tourist magnet because of popular destinations like Phuket, Pattaya Resort, and more, which means Thais get into frequent contact with foreigners. 

According to many accounts, Thai people are also a significant tourist attraction for Thailand. They’re known for their hospitality and positive attitude towards life, which is so inspiring that Thailand has been tagged ‘The Land of Smiles.’

So if you’re looking to snag a partner from Thailand, here are 7 reasons why we’re sure that that will be an exciting experience for you.

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Why You Should Date Singles In Thailand

1. Thais find happiness in simple things

They may not be the wealthiest people on earth, but the Thai people have mastered the art of contentment.

The average Thai is not overloaded with riches, but their society operates with the notion that you don’t need too much to be happy. Their main religion, Buddhism, preaches minimalism and peace; and so these are the significant attributes of a Thai. They appreciate life and find happiness from things that most of us take for granted – spending time with family, good health, food on the table, good weather, etc.

This is good news if you’re planning to date a Thai single because you don’t have to break the bank to impress your partner. They’ll appreciate thoughtful gestures that don’t necessarily have to be grand gifts, which goes a long way if you’re a person of depth yourself.

Also, if you date a Hi-So Thai, which is what they call the high profile population, ignore our advice about not breaking the bank. Richer Thais may enjoy the good life more and want to be spoiled when you date them.

2. Thais are courteous

Thais are very courteous, polite people. They respect themselves, respect elders, and respect their culture. You will not catch a Thai person yelling in the streets with an ice cream vendor that mixed up their order. Nope, they’ll most likely be smiling, shaking their head, and calmly explaining that the vendor has made a mistake. 

If you’re a foreigner in Thailand thinking about how to attract Thai singles, here’s a tip: be as charming and respectful as possible, especially to older people

Learn to greet older Thais with a ‘Wai,’ a traditional greeting done by putting both palms together as if in prayer and then nodding your head slightly. Thai singles are attracted to people that understand and uphold their culture, and being respectful is a no-brainer to them, so you need to take that seriously.

The easygoing nature of Thais makes them very pleasant and easy to get along with. They don’t look to pick fights and will graciously talk over differences so that peace can reign. Sometimes, their need for peace may make them lean towards shyness and speaking up, but as soon as Thais get comfortable, they’ll better communicate their feelings.

3. Thai singles are very caring

thai singles are caring

Most Thailand communities are rural, which breeds an avenue for people to know each other and look out for themselves. To Thais, everyone is family, whether they are related or not. Every older man is an uncle or lung; older women are aunts or moms (or pa), and even younger people are brothers and sisters (or phi chay). 

They will always have a strong bond with family members and members of the community because they believe in the importance of family ties.

Their connection to family and access to all that love makes Thais very caring and kind people. They know how to make you feel special because they have boundless love flowing through them. Thai girls are raised with the knowledge of how to care for a family, and they won’t hesitate to show you all that affection if you prove that you’re deserving of it. Plus, Thailand is famous for its top-notch massage parlors, and you may snag a Thai single that knows how to give a great, relaxing massage.

Thais believe firmly in Karma; in fact, it’s a major tenet of their religion. In Buddhism, showing compassion and generosity is also related to winning respect and receiving more good Karma. So Thais will care for you selflessly because they believe that there’s a higher reward for that. If you’re dating a Thai single, don’t be a jerk and take advantage of this kindness; show appreciation and give back. Partnerships are great when you’re both giving and receiving.

4. They work hard

Thais take work very seriously, and they have a great work ethic whether the job is as humble as managing a farm, or as contemporary as running a tech firm.  If you’re dating a Thai single, you don’t have to worry about them freeloading or using you to get what they want. 

Although you may encounter a few rotten eggs that are only looking for ‘romantic’ relationships that can pay their bills, an average Thai believes in earning their keep and working hard to get what they want.

Thais find fulfillment in the little things that count as the rewards of work. This attitude to work may be because Thais start working from very young ages. Children help out with family businesses and grow to be earnest at work because they were raised in a culture that celebrates hard work. If that’s not an admirable quality in a partner, we don’t know what is.

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5. They are super passionate

Thais are patriotic, passionate people. Whether it’s to their culture, their king, their sports team, or their country, you can count on Thais to be very loyal and proud of their own. You’ll also notice in modern Thais; no matter how Westernized they get, they never lose their core values. They still respect elders, eat their local foods, wear traditional attires, and participate in regular cultural practices.

You can take all that as proof of Thais’ originality and confidence in themselves. They see no need to be generic and model their lifestyle after that of any other culture. They manage to balance the modern and the local, and that’s very admirable.

6. Thai singles love to have fun

Thais are fun. Thais like to laugh and enjoy life, and in many elements of their culture, there is an overall sense of sanook (fun).  From fun and games in the classroom to gathering for tea in the evening, or having karaoke nights after work, having some fun each day is an integral part of Thai life.

They are lighthearted and upbeat, and you’ll often hear them say “Mai bpen rai,” a phrase that translates to ‘no worries.’ It can give the impression that Thais don’t care too much about anything, but that isn’t the case; they know not to sweat the little stuff and appreciate the small pleasures of life at every chance they can.

No one likes an uptight, stuck-up partner anyways, so if you’re looking for someone that you can share adventures and friendly banter with, a Thai single may be all you need.

7. Thais are not judgmental

Thais are unpretentious and down-to-earth. They do not discriminate against any race, gender, religion, or sexuality. You can tell from their population. They’re mainly Buddhists, but they live in peace with Muslims and farangs (foreigners). No wars, no threats to build a wall to keep some people out. Thailand is an accommodating country and a safe space for everyone, so you can just be yourself around them.

They don’t try to box people in based on societal status, and in Thailand, you will find a doctor having tea and eating street food at the same place that a farmer does. After work, it is common for everyone to get into shorts and a tee-shirt, so it is hard to tell who is who.

Thais bring this energy into relationships and they don’t pretend to be who they are not. They’re real and compassionate and don’t discriminate based on race, religion, or status. If you’re looking for an open-minded partner, you may want to date a Thai.

Inter-racial dating can be an exotic experience if you do things right. That starts with understanding your partner’s background and how it affects their perspective on things. We hope we’ve given you enough insight to help you go out into the Thai dating scene and start making matches. Good luck!

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