5 Popular Thai Dating Scams You Should Watch Out For

We all know that on every dating website, there will always be scammers. If you are looking for Thai singles online, you must be aware of all the risks from frauds and romance scammers. Usually, before you trust that person, you’d have to take things slowly and get to know each other better rather than falling for their story and end up with a broken heart along with an empty wallet. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the most popular Thai dating scams online and offline:

Shady links? Asking money?

Thai (African) Romance Scammers

This might be one of the most popular scams that happened on every online dating website. There are actually some towns in Nigeria and Ghana that made scamming as their major source of income by asking money in emails, chat rooms, and dating websites.

Lonely people are the best targets for every scammer since it’s easier to scam people who are bound to think irrationally with their emotions all over the place. They would usually target old people, most especially men and pretend to be ideal Thai women (who they pretend to be could depend on the site they’re on.)

These are usually Africans who would pretend to be either men or women. They would often steal good-looking photos of male and female models on the internet and would create a fake profile and then start chatting with lonely people.

How to avoid this Thai dating scam

You must avoid any Thai woman who claims to be living in Africa or in the Middle East with a made up story of being stranded in that country because they don’t have enough funds to travel. If you receive this kind of message, block that user immediately!

Make sure when you use a Thai dating website like TrulyThai that checks new members to make sure if they’re real. Sites like these also monitor user activity to quickly ban anyone who has the signs of being a scammer.

If you really want to meet authentic Thai singles, it’s better to get to know them first on the site. What we mean is don’t give them your email or other contact information.

When they ask for money to visit you, visit them instead to prove if they’re real or not. But it’s better if you don’t send money at all and report that user.

Thai Girlfriend Scams

These type of Thai dating scams are usually operated by women who are seeking for sponsors/sugar daddies in exchange for having a relationship with them. They will chat with western men online to ask for money and send them gifts.

By the time you want to fly to Bangkok to meet her, she would ask for travel money so she could meet you in Bangkok. Once you met her in person, she will make you fall in love with her more. She will introduce you to her so-called “family” and go out on dates with you that you would most likely be paying.

a couple holding hands

After a few months of dating, she will bring up the idea that you must buy a property in Thailand. She will convince you that it will be a good investment since you’ll automatically have a place to stay whenever you visit her in Thailand again. But in Thailand, a foreigner could never own a property. So you’d be forced to place the property’s ownership under her name.

By the time you fly back to your home country, she will cut off all her communications with you. Even if you report this issue to the police, they can’t do anything about this. Because the property is legally under her name. You will then be considered one of the many foreign guys who fell for these types of Thai dating scams.

How to avoid this Thai dating scam

  • Watch out for any conversation topics that would involve money
  • It’s okay if you want to help her out, but asking money all the time is a real red flag
  • Just be careful in dating a Thai woman and consider the asking for money technique as the number one hint that she might be a scammer.

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The Ladyboy Scam

Make sure that you know how to recognize the difference between a ladyboy and a real lady. Some of them are pretty convincing with their beautiful faces and body that you’ll surely get tricked.

It will depend on your preference if you want to consider Thai ladyboys for dating. Just make sure that the one you are talking to right now is honest and open in regards to their gender. Take note that not all of these ladyboys are scammers. Some of them are very honest about who they really are. Proper communication is really needed for this one.

indentity unknown

How to spot a ladyboy

  • Ladyboys usually have high pitch voices, some even have deep but girly voices that would sound odd.
  • Check the Adam’s Apple. Though some ladyboys had their Adam’s Apple removed with surgery.
  • Ladyboys are way taller than the average Thai girl which is only 159cm.
  • One of the surest ways is to simply check their ID. The ID never lies.

Thai Online Dating Scams

Be aware of the women with pretty Thai profiles who only want to lure you out from the dating site where you met and refer you to another dating site where she has an account on. Some of them(or most of them) are working as affiliates on other dating sites and will get a commission after you sign up or even pay the monthly subscription on the site they referred you to.

These other dating companies will cost you even more money for signing up on multiple paid dating sites. Some of them would even encourage you to pay for a feature that will smoothen your conversation. They make it so without you realizing that you’re losing so much money.

Just make sure that you stay away from those women who will send you messages that you must try to create an account to other websites if you don’t want to lose more money.

How to avoid this Thai dating scam

If they start referring other sites to your chat conversation with a mystery link, don’t click it!

Don’t be persuaded to chat on other Thai dating sites just because she is more active there.

If ever you are persuaded to sign up and is advised to pay just to continue chatting, exit that site immediately and report the recruiter’s profile on your preferred site’s administrator.

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Thai Bride Scams

Other Thai women are only dating foreign men to use them as their one-way ticket to getting a Green Card or Visa. They marry you just fly out of their country and live on a Western country to have a better life.

Once they arrive in your country and they already have a Green card or an immigrant visa, they will divorce you immediately or find a much younger man. The worse case scenario is they would move in with a man she met online.

How to avoid this Thai dating scam

  • One way that you can spot them is they would immediately start talking about marriage and kids just after a few weeks of dating.
  • Make sure to not rush things and get to know her first before actually jumping into the marriage pool.
  • Instead of bringing her to your home country, try living with her in Thailand first.
  • Once you move in on her, keep an eye if she really loves you or the Green Card she’s about to get from you.
  • Never buy her a house in Thailand because she will only disappear and will be having a great time living in the property you bought for her.

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