• public affection in thailand

    Public Affection In Thailand: What Is Acceptable And What Isn’t

    Public displays of affection are commonplace in the Western world. In public, you’ll frequently see couples hugging and holding hands. When they witness this in public, no one even blinks. It is thought to be perfectly normal. However, despite many Westerners’ perceptions of Thailand as the world’s sex metropolis, Thai tradition frowns on public shows of affection. Even bar girls in Thailand are uncomfortable with very showy affection. Kissing in public is frowned upon and considered impolite. Couples holding hands have become more common in Thailand as the country has become more westernized. So what is it like when you display public affection in Thailand? To learn more about this…

  • gifts for thai girlfriend

    Gifts for Thai Girlfriend

    Gift-giving doesn’t need occasions. You can make anyone’s day extra special at any time with the smallest present. While the act of giving gifts isn’t a problem, choosing the right one is another story. What do Thai girls want? Do they look for specific material things from their partners? We’re happy to let you know that they’re not the pickiest bunch! As long as they come from the heart (not literally, of course!), your presents are very much welcome. With that said, however, there are some things that they’ll be extra happy to receive. Here are some items that belong to the “gifts for Thai girlfriend” category. Teddy bears or…

  • pick up a girl in thailand

    How to Pick Up A Girl In Thailand

    Sometimes, people call Thailand the Land of Smiles. As pretty as the smiles are, the women are equally gorgeous. Thai women are known to be quite beautiful, so don’t be surprised if one catches your eye and you suddenly want to know how to pick up a girl! Dating Thai women isn’t that different from dating other girls, but they have unique charms that catch anyone’s attention. If you want to pick up a girl in Thailand, you may want to do your homework first before looking for a match, yes? Thai women are easy to date, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy girls—there’s a difference. Thai people, in general,…

  • thai woman happy

    How to Make A Thai Woman Happy

    So in love and happy with your Thai girl? Want to show her everything, so you want to stay in love forever? The truth is that with time, feelings can change, but with the proper techniques of handling a girl, you can stay in the sweet phase forever by keeping your Thai woman happy. Do you want to know how to make a Thai woman happy until the end of time? We’ve gathered the romantic things that you need to do. What You Can Do To Make Your Thai Woman Happy 1. Treat your Thai woman to something special Many Thai women are sweet and caring. And, there is no…

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