• pattaya valentine's day

    Valentine’s Day In Pattaya 2021: Where to Go & What To Do

    Valentine’s Day in Pattaya is fast approaching! And since Valentine’s Day is now a popular holiday widely celebrated in Thailand as an expression of love and affection towards friends, family, and significant others, Pattaya has a huge variety of fancy restaurants, events, and attractions. Spend your Valentine’s Day in Pattaya with your significant other and feel the love in the air when strolling through Valentine’s street arts and advertisements, malls, parks, and restaurants all around the city!  If you are traveling to Pattaya to experience a romantic Valentine’s Day this 2021, or if you are a new couple looking for date ideas in Pattaya, then you are on the right…

  • is bangkok dangerous

    Is Bangkok Dangerous for Foreigners? 8 Misconceptions Debunked

    Bangkok is well known for its vibrant and zippy street life. While foreigners visiting Bangkok are increasing every year, the dangers in this big city shown by people through social media should not be taken frivolously. We know how much Thai food is enticing in Bangkok, as well as its temples and prominent shrines. But if you’re traveling alone in the streets of Thailand, where formidable roads and traffic disasters are present, it’s best to stay on the safe side of Bangkok. Bangkok, despite its beauty and spirited lifestyle, has its dark shadows. So is Bangkok dangerous for tourists? Essentially, it is safe to travel around Bangkok because compared to cities…

  • fun things to do in bangkok

    15 Fun Things to Do In Bangkok

    Some places can be so perfect for those who seek adventure. Bangkok, for one, is a place like a piece of heaven.  People all across the world with different cultures, backgrounds, personalities, and ages are welcome to this tropical hangout. About 20 million international visitors come to Bangkok each year. Bangkok is the incredible capital city of Thailand—literally and figuratively the heart of mainland Southeast Asia. Bangkok is the country’s largest city and is home to Thailand’s both modern and traditional destinations. In Bangkok, you do not have to scour for activities to do. In fact, you will need to plan your visit carefully to enjoy as many adventures as…

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Bangkok Dating Scene

    The Bangkok dating scene is mired by misconceptions and stereotypes, many of which are blatantly untrue. That might be something that’s keeping you away from trying to match with Thai singles, but we’re here to reassure you that online dating in Thailand is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your love life. To learn the truth about the Bangkok dating scene, you can either go there yourself or you can keep reading to learn more about what you can expect in this thorough guide from the TrulyThai team! What You Should Know About the Bangkok Dating Scene 1. Dating online is as good as dating in real…

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