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Bangkok Girls & Why They're The Real Deal

10 November 2018

Ah, yes, Bangkok, the capital and most populous city of Thailand with humongous buildings and adorable ladies. Every guy in their right mind wants to date them and yet here you are. Deciding whether to date them or not.

From all the crazy adventures you could do in Bangkok, it's always better to spend it with someone who's as fun and exciting as the city itself.

Let’s find out why Bangkok Girls are the real deal first before you actually get on how to find girls in Bangkok:

  1. Bangkok girls are the prettiest girls in Thailand

    Just being in Bangkok, you could see different types of women from all walks of life. They vary from skin colors, height, and hair.

    girl question someone being pretty

    Some of them are dark-skinned and short while others are light-skinned and tall. You can find them anywhere in as they have almost millions of Thai girls living in Bangkok.

    Similar to other Asian nationals, Thailand has fewer cases of obesity as most of their bodies are slim and petite which makes them more and unique and dainty. Though there are also curvy girls in Bangkok, you will only find a few of them in the city.

  2. Bangkok girls all want to have fun

    Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, which makes it the center of entertainment and business with its beautiful skyscrapers. Throughout the years, the city along with its citizens has become very modern and dynamic.

    Most of them are not the traditional Thai girls you expect. Bangkok girls love Sanuk, which means they love to have fun. They party and have fun the same way as girls in the West enjoy themselves(but not all).

    woman dancing

    The only difference is that they are very open-minded in terms of dating and meeting foreigners while having fun. Bangkok women love to have fun, but they're mature enough to be in a serious relationship and be there for you.

    When you want to meet girls in Bangkok and you can't speak Thai, a lot of girls in Bangkok are fluent in English. So communication is will never be a problem for you two.

  3. Bangkok girls are family-oriented

    Individuality and independence are very common in Western countries. They move out of their parents home once they hit the legal age. In some cases, others don't even visit home for a few years. But it's different in Bangkok. Women are still living with their parents, even if they already are legal age.

    thai family singing

    They celebrate important events with their family from great-grandparents down to 2nd-degree nephews and nieces. That is how close they are with their families. If you are planning on dating a Bangkok girl, make sure you're prepared for all the interrogation(joke!) her folks will do. Don’t worry, families in Bangkok are more open to their children being in an interracial relationship.

    When you're looking for Bangkok girls for dating, this trait is something you can't leave overlook.

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  5. Bangkok girls are excellent girlfriends

    Bangkok ladies are known for their caring and nurturing attitude. They are taught by their parents how to take care of their own family in the future.

    couple eating burger

    She will be there for you if you need someone to talk to you and will support you. In some cases, they would leave Thailand and go to your home country to be together with you.

    That is how a Bangkok girl shows her love and care for her partner.

  6. Bangkok girls are not all ladyboys

    Have you heard from naysayers that you must avoid a beautiful and attractive Thai woman because they are all ladyboys? Especially Thai girls in Bangkok?

    A ladyboy dancing

    This misconception is actually wrong. We understand that you are paranoid about the idea of sleeping with a ladyboy. Make sure you know how to differentiate a ladyboy from a real lady. Though sometimes they're hard to spot out, it doesn’t mean that you need to observe every woman you met if there's any Adam's Apple protruding in their throats.

  7. Bangkok girls are educated and have real jobs

    Bangkok girls are known for being independent, educated, and hardworking. Most of them are highly educated and are very motivated to finish their studies and succeed in life.

    A girl from Pattaya, Thailand

    Take note that not all ladies in Bangkok are prostitutes and working in the Red Light District. They have real jobs and you can find them anywhere in banks, malls, and business centers. These girls will not depend on you because they have a decent job with a salary enough to support their family and themselves.

    If you're wondering where to find girls in Bangkok, they're either working or studying hard.

  8. Bangkok girls speak and understand English very well

    No matter how educated and independent these Bangkok girls are, some can't still speak perfect English. Bangkok women can understand you very well but the way they speak, their English is way different compared to other Eastern countries. They have this rich accent that even when they speak another language aside from English, they have it.

    A girl from Pattaya, Thailand

    This new generation is more proficient in English which made dating in Bangkok easier for foreigners who can't speak Thai. People in the new generation are more exposed to foreigners in their schools and universities so they get to practice it moren often.

  9. Bangkok girls are more open to dating foreigners

    Before, if you are a Thai lady and is seen with a foreigner, it is automatically considered socially unacceptable. There are still traditional families in Thailand, but due to western influences and lots of tourists, most of these families are more aware and familiar with how foreigners look and act.

    A girl from Pattaya, Thailand

    They understand that foreigners are also human beings who just want to experience the beauty of Thailand. This is your greatest dating advantage as these women are already familiar with the Western culture.

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