10 Things You’ll Experience When Dating A Thai Guy

Dating a Thai guy can be a totally unique experience, especially if you’ve only dated Western men before.  

Whether you’re already dating a Thai man or are eyeing someone special on TrulyThai, this blog will help you realize just how unique and special it is to be dating a Thai man.

Connecting with a Thai Man

Thai men can be timid. You can spend an entire evening with a Thai man, swapping mobile numbers and chat usernames, and still be uncertain if you’re just friends or something more. But that’s why it’s so much fun.

Thai guys are adorable, thoughtful, and enchanting, and you won’t be able to tell if it’s just friendly shows that make them act so thoughtfully or if they want to take you out to a dinner date. They’re prudent and reserved in their approach, and they’re unlikely to change that. However, don’t mistake his lack of assertiveness for lack of engagement and interest.

Thai men can be incredibly caring and romantic, and in the event that you want to date one, expect that he will treat you like the queen you are. Take a look at the list below for some of the things you’ll find when dating a Thai guy.

1. Thai men are very polite

Men in Thailand are generally more courteous than western men, which might be why they are so enticing to women! They will treat you with kindness and will always compliment you.

Thais consider this as having a “sweet mouth” and will never be disrespectful to your face. When you start dating a Thai guy, you’ll feel like a princess since they’re very courteous and polite.

2. You’ll be well taken care of

Thai men enjoy taking care of you and are skilled at it. If you have been dating a Thai guy for quite some time, you’ll notice that they’ll cook you meals, drive you to work, get things done for you and your family, accompany you to the doctor if you are feeling under the weather, and generally make sure you’re feeling good. 

If you’re a foreign woman, Thai men will take extra care of you because they want you to have a positive impression of Thailand and Thai people.

3. They’ll help you carry your bags

When you’re out shopping, Thai men will undoubtedly carry their sweetheart’s shopping totes and bags. In any case, you’ll often see very manly men running around the shopping center with their better half’s handbag trailing behind them.

It’s delightful when they carry these for their loved ones because it shows they never want you to carry anything too heavy. That is why most Thai young women simply hand their shopping bags to their Thai partners when they go shopping, who will carry them for them.

4. You’ll have a lot of fun with a Thai guy

Expect to have lots of fun and laughter when you’re dating a Thai guy! Thai men enjoy a good laugh and will frequently joke with you.

If you can make a Thai man laugh, they will want to spend more time with you as possible. In any case, if anything bothers or distressed them, they will giggle about it because that is the way of the Thai people, and it is unquestionably preferable to the yelling and gloominess of most men from other places when something annoys them.

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5. They’re sensitive people

When dating a Thai guy, note that they are more sensitive than other foreign men, or at least they show it more. It is, by all accounts, a lot easier to hurt a Thai man than it is a western man, so you do need to be cautious about the remarks you make.

He will take even the most minor criticism or objection to heart and feel profoundly hurt. On the off chance that he doesn’t agree with you, he likely won’t even let you know. Furthermore, on the off chance that you disagree with each other and have a little fight, don’t be shocked if he disappears for a little while without saying anything to you. Many ladies have witnessed the hot-and-cold personality of the Thai men. They may mysteriously not call or ignore you for a while, then suddenly appear all sweet and loving once they’ve gotten over the fight.

Confrontations are not common among Thais in general. Showing outrageous sentiments is considered to be “losing face” and if your partner is affronted, he will not have any desire to show you.

Keep in mind that you need to be more persistent and aware of the load behind your words. Simply be mindful of what you’re doing and don’t hurt his feelings over something insignificant.

6. Thai men are kind and friendly

When people refer to Thailand as the “Land of Smiles,” they are not kidding about it. The Thais are one of the friendliest groups of people you can ever come across. Indeed, there will undoubtedly be some rude men in the bunch as with anywhere else. However, it’s easy to infer that the Thai men’s friendliness isn’t just a stereotype—it’s a fact.

Even though some Thai men do not smile or look at you, this does not indicate that they are unfriendly. They may simply be timid or lack the same level of expression as their female peers.

7. There might be a language barrier at the beginning

If you want to have a serious and long-lasting relationship, you need someone with whom you can talk about everything. Perhaps it’s charming and heartfelt from the outset of your relationship when talking in a mixture of languages about how your day was. Whatever the case may be, it will wear off eventually, so you have to be patient with each other. 

Then again, his English will improve in extraordinary steps when he converses with you every day. So regardless of whether you feel like there’s an over-the-top language barrier when you initially meet, you might be amazed by just how much smaller that barrier will be after the first few months of being together.

If you’re dating a Thai guy, you should make an effort to communicate in Thai as well. Odds are, his folks don’t communicate in English well at all. He will adore you even more if you try learning Thai and attempt to communicate in Thai with his family and friends. It’s also interesting to note that if your guy uses Google translate to impress you, you might get some peculiar misunderstandings! But it’s the effort that counts, yes?

8. Thai men are not easily irritated

The concept of “jai yen” or cool heart is essential to Thai culture, but it does not mean Thai people have a cool or cold heart.

Being “jai yen” means not getting frustrated over apparently minor details, staying focused, and not expressing outrage over things you can’t handle. When you’re dating a Thai guy, they’ll most likely be very “jai yen,” but at the same time, there’s a drawback to that.

Since they don’t show a ton of outrage, their displeasure can be a lot more startling than with a foreign man as they appear to lose all control when they do blow up their anger. Keep your Thai man composed and laid-back more often than not, and you shouldn’t have an issue. However, when he’s agitated up and angry, it’s best to let him be until he’s had the opportunity to settle down.

All things considered, let’s be honest, enduring the red face, stepping around, and screaming is quite tedious.

9. He’s adorable, funny, and mischievous—all rolled into one

There’s a genuine wistful quality to Thai men that can be charming. He will pose a wide range of sassy questions, joke continuously to giggle with you and give a wide range of cheesy small talk, but you still smile at it anyway. In other words, he’s the whole package of a charming and funny boyfriend!

10. They may not always be faithful

The belief that a Thai man can be unfaithful is ingrained in Thai culture. This is why many Thai men will have many girlfriends before getting married and, in any case, will sometimes have a spouse and a “mia noi” or minor wife once married.

But rest assured that dating a Thai guy is still a predominantly pleasant experience for most foreign women. They are sweeter, friendlier, and more respectful than almost any foreign man, and you will unquestionably be treated better.

Simply make sure to keep your Thai man delighted, cheerful, and challenged so he won’t stray. If you don’t give him your full attention, he’ll drift off in search of something more exciting.

By the end of the day, the social contrasts and cultural differences may have become excessive. However, the way into a fruitful relationship is to learn from one another and then discover what turns out best for your relationship. It’s essential to keep in mind that you come from two different cultures and that love comes from understanding. Accept it, and love will work in its ways!

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