5 Ways to Increase Your Matches on TrulyThai

Dating online has dominantly changed the romance realm. It has become a way to connect lovers from different places around the globe. If you are or know someone from Thailand, you know that it has the loveliest people on earth. It is referred to as the “Land of Smiles,” for no reason. It would never be a struggle to fall in love with one. Lucky for you, a lot of Thai people resort to dating online. So, you can see tons of Thai singles online.

One of the tried and trusted online dating sites for Thai people is Trulythai.com. It is packed with cool features that make it one of the well-known Thai dating websites. It has made it easier than ever for Thai people to meet their significant other online. 

If you think about it, online dating is like walking through a market full of single people where you can interact and share an interest. It is a secure and virtual method of putting yourself out to the world. It is a world where there is a vast choice of people to date. 

Though there was a time when people would make someone a laughing stock if they say they are dating online. Thai people were one of the many that explored this dating method. Then, time changed, and more people got used to the idea that you can find your perfect match online.

Comparing it to a pub or grocery store, you get a more direct and clear intention from people. That is why there is no doubt why a lot of people found their match online. 

If you are here to get more matches to find your perfect one, below are the five ways to increase your matches on TrulyThai:

1. Know more about online dating 

If you have sufficient knowledge about the online dating world, you will be more aware of the dos and don’ts. So, let us help you with that. 

One way is that you can learn how online dating people speak. Since it has become dominantly popular, there is a new set of vocabulary that arose. Here are some of the famous words and phrases you should know;

  • Sliding into DMs – Send a direct message (DM) to someone and flirt subtly. This way, you can connect and follow them on their social media. 
  • Catfishing – When someone is pretending to be another person to lure and make people fall in love 
  • Ghosting – This will happen when you had a special connection with someone, but they suddenly cease without justification
  • Benching – Another term for this is bread-crumbing. It is when your partner puts you as an option while they go around and date other people. 

Second is you have to be attentive in your chosen dating site. Be organized to help you find your perfect match. Hence, among all the Thai dating websites, Trulythai is created to successfully bring Thailand singles together whenever and wherever they may be.

Just keep in mind to be cautious of the people you talk to and connect with. It is to help you avoid being ghosted and catfished. Always be attentive to other people’s profiles. 

Lastly and most importantly, you must honestly put yourself and build a profile that looks genuine. This way, you will be able to distinguish the dishonest ones that will potentially do catfishing and benching.

typing on dating profile

2. Build an attractive yet honest dating profile 

One thing that will make people want to talk to you is when you have a profile that stands out. It is the core reason why you have creative control on a dating site. 

Creating an attractive dating account is easier said than done. There are different types of profiles out there, but one thing for sure is that beyond beauty, honesty should always be present. 

Creatively showing a transparent and genuine one will benefit your love life. Here are the factors that you should know and focus on when building a profile to grab your destiny’s attention and get better matches on TrulyThai.

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When it comes to choosing the best photo to display as your profile picture, many things can go wrong. However, you do not have to worry. We came up with a guide that you can follow through when picking the most appropriate and appealing photo. 

  • Don’t use too much filter. It will just cover up your real beauty. 
  • Use recent photos, having an old photo will just create confusion 
  • Don’t use a group photo; instead, have a picture that focuses on you. After all, you have to be the main focus.
  • Having a good quality or portrait photo will increase your chances of getting noticed.
  • Use a photo that includes your hobbies; this way, you’ll give a glimpse of what interests you. 
  • Don’t forget to give away that genuine smile. 

Add the extra details.

Do not leave your profile blank. Put more pictures and the right amount of information about you. However, you always have to be cautious about the things that you post online. Here’s a list to guide you.

  • Say what you want, whether you are relationship-minded or not. 
  • Add your social media handles.
  • Share your interests in what and why method. Tell your favorite movie, your favorite place, etc.  
  • More well-lit photos of you 


Of course, after you have written the necessary details, always double-check your sentences. Some people can easily get discouraged if you write things the wrong way. That is what you don’t want to happen if you want to get more matches on TrulyThai

man holding a phone

3. Be more active and responsive. 

It is a no-brainer to keep your dating profile active to interact and get you more TrulyThai matches. Here are some collected tips for you to help you be more productive and responsive; 

  • Don’t ignore messages; always acknowledge each one. Saying thank you and giving back a small compliment will do you good.  
  • Update your profile with a photo of yourself with a big smile now and then. An account with lots of pictures can draw a lot of attention. Make sure to post a good one today! 
  • When sending a message, always put a phrase to make people respond. A phrase like “Hope to hear from you soon” or “I will be honored to hear from you.”
  • Always craft a personal message when sending it to someone. Avoid sending out a template format message from one person to another. Copying and pasting is not an attractive trait for Thai singles online. Instead, personalize each message you send, it will look and feel more special. It will effortlessly awe them. 
heart and kiss emojis on phone

4. Get to know the Thai culture. 

The most crucial thing in Interracial dating is the respect you have to your other half’s culture. This factor cannot be overlooked. Hence, learning more about the person you are pursuing is a big deal. It’s an element that generates the quality of willingness, understanding, and forgiveness of every relationship. 

Thailand’s culture is diverse, which means you have a lot of things to learn about. It is a country that is molded by the Buddhism religion and many other beliefs. 

A considerable percentage of the country’s population practice Buddhism. Buddhists follow Buddha’s teaching, which is called and known as “dharma.” It comprises and teaches the virtue of wisdom, patience, kindness, generosity, and compassion. 

Moreover, Thailand is a place where the citizens have a high value of respect. Everywhere you go, you must bring this trait with you. Learning how to show respect is one of the essential Thai dating tips. 

Being a gentleman will never fail anyone. Thus, this trait also applies to Thai singles online. You must show that you are a person who is polite and considerate. Being courteous applies to any gender. When sending a private message to a Thai, try to start and send it in a friendly manner. That’s how you get ideas TrulyThai matches.

Another thing you must remember when dating online is to keep your language clean and bright. Besides showing respect and politeness, you must also put a straightforward language to someone you like. This method will benefit anyone in the dating scene, whether you want a casual fling or desire to find your true love and get married.

a Thai temple

5. Explore more and be patient 

Even though many people will make online dating look like it is the most comfortable way to be in a relationship, there are still other people who will struggle in finding their perfect match. If you are one of those people, this is a sign for you not to lose hope; you just need to be more patient. 

One thing to remember is that true love does not have to be rushed. So, you have to take things slowly since Thais hate people that are too aggressive. You have to try and try again to find your perfect match. Love is a trial and error. Just have enough courage never to give up. You would not know the next person you will talk to will be the one. 

Hence, explore more to find the right person to date. Don’t get discouraged with all the trial and error you have gone through. Think of it as your lessons and guide to find your match.

an international couple

You might wonder how to spot the right person to date. People say you can feel if you have finally found your match. Everything will just feel right. Always remember to enjoy the entire journey. 

Are you now excited to find your perfect Thai match? Visit tryluthai.com now and get TrulyThai matches using the tips. It is the top of all the Thai dating websites. Have fun and happy love matching! 

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