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Meet Thai Girls: The Basics

11 September 2018

There are multiple reasons why every foreigner you meet wants to date Thai women. They got this beautiful black hair, slim physique, and perfectly tanned skin.

We know that it is your dream to date a Thai girl, but the problem is you don’t know where to find them. But before you decide to meet them, let’s get to know some top facts about Thai Girls first.

Fact 1: They are very open to dating foreigners

Fact 2: They are family-oriented

Fact 3: They are educated

Fact 4: Not all of them can speak English very well, but they can understand you

Now that you have some facts about Thai girls, it is now time for you to learn the basic steps on how you can meet them.

You don’t really need to spend thousands of dollars on tickets and accommodation just to be in Thailand and meet single girls. Just sit back, relax, and prepare your computer or smartphone with a stable internet connection.

  1. Choose the best Thai dating site

    We all know that there are thousands of dating sites that are available online. But TrulyThai is user-friendly and has a good membership base that will suit your liking and could be very useful for you.

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    TrulyThai offers a free and premium membership. Being a paid member will give you more advantages compared to the free version. Like unlimited messaging, video chat, translation, and a whole lot more. The good thing about TrulyThai is you can have the ability to meet different types of Thai girls.

    It is very reliable as they have a hard-working team who ensures that everybody has a safe Thai dating experience.

  2. Create an account

    The only way for you to meet a Thai girl is to create an account in TrulyThai. It will only take you less than 10 minutes. We promise!

    Most of them are not the traditional Thai girls you expect. Bangkok girls love Sanuk, which means they love to have fun. They party and have fun the same way as girls in the West enjoy themselves(but not all).

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    You just need to provide all your basic information such as your real name, gender, age, password, and email address. Then that's it! Easy, right?

  3. Choose your best pictures

    A dating profile with pictures would not only make your profile look more like you, it would also attract the attention of single women online. This will give users the single Thai ladies a chance to get to know more about you by browsing through your pictures.

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    Make sure that you include at least 3-5 best photos of you and these photos should be recent. Upload photos where you are doing your hobby or with your family.

    Drunk and half-naked photos are definitely a big no!

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  5. Customize your profiles

    It's good to spend a good hour on personalizing your profile. Dating experts say that a good and detailed online dating profile will give you a higher chance of success in finding your match.

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    This is your chance to stand out against other male users. It is a golden rule to be as honest as possible in your profile. Doing so otherwise, it will cause you some trouble in the future with your match because you're not who you said you were.

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  6. Browse singles

    If you are completely done customizing your profile and sharing your photos, you may now start meeting Thai girls online.

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    You can either browse profiles if you're not looking for anything specific at the moment or use advanced search for a more filtered result.

    TrulyThai has its own search feature which will make your search easier. All you have to do is decide what qualities you're looking for and where.

  7. Start Chatting

    If you have already found the ideal girl you're looking for, don't hesitate and chat with them right away!

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    The best way to get lots of responses from beautiful Thai girls is to refrain from sending generic and inappropriate messages. Your message should be something that's personalized and has a sense of mutuality between you two. Be original in a world full of carbon copies.

    Also, a little joke or pick up line would also help. Making a girl smile never fails.

  8. Meet your Thai girlfriend now

    If you're both ready to take it to the next level, then it is now time for you to meet up face to face.

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    If you're both in a long distance relationship, one of you could travel to the other's country or you could travel together to another country. Either way, the point of meeting up is to spend time together.

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