How to Tell If Your Relationship Is Ready for Marriage

The longevity of your relationship or the depth of your love doesn’t guarantee that you’ll automatically be ready for marriage.

We see this play out in other couples’ lives. They’ve been together for a decade, one half of the pair brought up the topic of marriage and discovered their partner has never considered it an endgame. So, they decided to break up. But then, six months later, the partner suddenly hears their ex—who didn’t think marriage was an option—is getting married.

You’ll meet, sparks will flow all over the place, and you’ll have a deep relationship with someone, and you might still not be ready to make that commitment. Or, you might come across someone you barely know and decide to get married after a month, just like that.

Being ready for marriage is distinct for every relationship. There’s no formula to knowing for sure if your relationship is ready for the next big thing. But, there are familiar cues that indicate if your relationship is heading for marriage.

Essential Signs to Know Your Relationship Is Ready for Marriage

The endgame, that thing our parents and grandparents have been telling us about, which others commonly call ‘marriage,’ that’s a big thing. Couples should take lots of time to think about whether or not they’re ready for it. If you feel like your relationship is ready for marriage, here are some markers to know for sure:

1. You feel at home with each other

Religion, sex, and money are three of the hardest topics for some couples who aren’t comfortable with each other yet. Within these three lies the dealbreakers they might hold. These could be like saving oneself for marriage or the topic of having kids—or of not having one at all.

If you can be sincere and be yourself around your significant other, this is a good thing. Notice how at ease you feel each time you talk about your quirks or dealbreakers. Take note of how your anxiety levels decreased and how you’ve grown more comfortable around them.

Ready for Marriage

Being at home with each other might mean feeling accepted. It gives you that sense of emotional safety and security. When you feel all these with your better half, it might mean you’re ready to spend forever with them.

2. You’re each other’s best friend

Healthy and beautiful relationships are fulfilling and can bring you a feeling of euphoria. But, they also need a boatload of hard work. That’s why you need a dating partner who doubles as your best friend.

Being best friends with your partner is a good thing as it bakes an additional layer of respect in your relationship. Data also back this notion. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research research, couples who are best friends are twice as likely to report higher overall satisfaction.

With this, it’s ideal to be your partner’s best friend—if you’re still not. Aiming to complement well with them instead of completing them lessens the level of miscommunication and increases fulfillment. Being two strong people separately while bringing out each other’s best potential will benefit you greatly.

Nonetheless, if you finally view each other as your ride or die, your best friend, your relationship may be inclined to take the next big step. You may be ready for marriage.

3. You find ways to make their family like you

In the initial stages of your relationship, it’s okay to focus on the two of you. You stay in love without having to think of the external forces ever influencing your love story.

Once your relationship advances, though, you have to start minding what your partner’s family thinks about you. Concurrently, you have to try and earn brownie points to get the approval of your partner’s family. You’d even feel all the more inspired to gain it once you plan about marriage.

Ready for Marriage

When you marry someone, you marry into their family too. Hence, it’s best to be on good terms with your partner’s family and assimilate. If you give each other a chance to bond, you might enjoy doing things together.

4. Your core values align

Aligned values are one the most critical things in a long-lasting relationship. It is essential to agree on fundamental things and have constant conversations about them—such as personal inclinations, family, kids, finances, and societal matters

At the same time, meeting halfway is just as necessary. You have to find common ground for your sanity’s sake.

Our values show what’s highly important to us—it defines us as individuals. It’s most definitely not something someone can change overnight. Hence, sharing the same values is vital as it saves your relationship from unattractive arguments, bickerings, or resentment.

5. You can’t wait to spend lives together

Grand and fancy weddings are the in now.

Too many couples get more excited about opulent weddings with grand venues, massive cakes, exquisite wedding gowns, and fancy invitations than the idea of marriage. However, these things won’t matter as much when you’re genuinely up for marriage.

No matter how small the venue is or how short your guest list will be, you’ll know your relationship is in it for the long haul if you look forward to a forever with them. Even when you couldn’t have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, you still wouldn’t mind marrying them. You would give up the dance floor, the flowers, and everything fancy to be with your better half.

You’ll know when you’re ready

There’s nothing more fulfilling in life than finding and ending up with someone who knows you and accepts you, flaws and all. The very fact that you’re here must already mean you’re contemplating a life together. It must suggest that you’re ready for marriage.

If you’re genuinely ready to spend the rest of your life with each other, you will know it within yourselves. There will not be a concrete formula to know for sure or signs to nudge any of you that that’s it. But, both your entire system will tell you when it’s ready.

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