Top Things To Know Before Visiting Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country filled with beautiful beaches, amazing temples, and genuine people. If you are planning to go to Thailand to meet your ideal Thai woman, you must have at least enough amount of information so you will be able to enjoy your vacation and dating with ease. You don’t have to worry as we have provided you a list of things to know before visiting Thailand.

Respect the King and Royal Family

The King and the Royal Family in Thailand is highly respected by the citizens, it’s also one of the things to know before visiting Thailand.

By the time you arrive in the country, you will see a lot of photos of the king anywhere you go. For them, the King is the symbol of goodness to the principles of Buddhism. He is known as the Father figure of Thailand. The King is widely celebrated during Father’s Day. Do not ever mock their King if you don’t want to end up in jail. Avoid saying negative things to the royal family or even stomping on a coin that’s on the street.

All Thailand’s coins and bills have images of the King and his relatives. Every 8 am and 6 pm, Thailand’s national anthem will be played and locals will stand and stop on what they’re doing. You must also do the same to show your respect to the Thai people.

Bring bug sprays all the time

You will find so many bugs everywhere in Thailand. In order for you to enjoy your vacation and not cut it short, make sure to invest in bug sprays.

You will find that you’re already using it as an alternative to your colognes and perfumes without even noticing. Make sure to put it in travel sized bottle sprays so it will be easy for you to carry it all the time. It is better to be safe than sorry.

You will never know when will a vicious mosquito will attack you.

Tuk-tuks and Taxis

Tuk Tuks and Taxis are one of the most popular and used transportations in Thailand. If you are for the view and experience you can ride a Tuk-tuks. If you are for the convenience and comfort you can ride a Taxi.

inside of a tuk-tuk

By the time you arrive at Thailand airport, make sure that whatever Taxi you are riding has turned on their meter. Never ride a Taxi which only negotiates the price of the fare. Take note that tuk-tuks will overcharge you first so you’ll need to learn how to haggle and settle your tuk-tuks fare before riding. If both of you haven’t settled yet with the fare just leave and find another taxi or tuk-tuks to prevent any squabbles.

If you are trying to hail for a taxi or Tuk-tuks make sure that your hand must be in a horizontal position and fingers facing down. It is considered rude if your holding your hand with fingers up.

Carry your own toilet paper

It is very hard to find a toilet paper in the bathrooms of Thailand. Most of their bathrooms are in squat toilets which it has a tiny hole where you must aim to shoot your business. Never be surprised that they only use water for cleaning up instead of a toilet paper. So make sure to always carry toilet paper or get used to their bum guns (a hose used as a replacement for toilet paper).

Respect Thailand’s culture

In Thailand, You must avoid touching anyone’s head as they considered it as a very sacred part of the body. The feet are considered to be the least sacred and dirty so pointing your feet to someone is the same as pointing out your middle finger at them.

Take note that whenever you are interacting with a local, you must always use your right hand when you are paying for food, handing things, waving, etc. The left hand is only used as a bathroom hand. Doing the opposite will be considered as disrespectful and rude.

Avoid Animal Tourism

You may have known Thailand for its Elephants and exotic animals but be aware of how they are being mistreated, neglected and the condition of the place they are living in. If you are not up for seeing this, simply just avoid visiting zoos and elephant riding shows. You will only be contributing pain towards these animals. But if you are dying to see elephants, do not ride them but rather take photos instead.


Elephants in Thailand are already suffering from spinal problems and anxiety. Let us help one another to stop those people from abusing these animals and save them. You might consider supporting and visiting sanctuaries like Elephant Nature Parks where you can be a volunteer to take care of those rescued Elephants from circus and zoos.

Drink moderately

Be cautious about what alcohol you are trying to drink in Thailand. No matter how veteran you are when it comes to drinking, locally made Thai rice whiskeys are as deadly as being bumped by a car. These local drinks must be taken lightly.

Carefully choose what liquor you want to drink and avoid those suspicious bottles unless you don’t want to end up sleeping in the streets and destroying your reputation.

Be careful what you eat

Thailand is known for its delicious dishes and street foods. Take note that not all street foods are safe and good to eat. Some may experience Bangkok belly because of too much eating of Thai foods.

street food in thailand

If you can’t see any locals lining up in a particular stall or you haven’t seen how the food was made, just move on to the next cart. Double check that every food you ordered is clean and fresh before eating it. Do not expect that all the food will come out at the same time, it is usually given to you once every dish you ordered is done and ready.

Never drink their tap water if you have a very sensitive stomach. If you are doubting where they got the water to make ice, just go buy a bottled water or tell the waiter not to put ice on your drinks.

Hotels and Accommodation

Find a good hotel that is close to public transportation like MRT and BTS so you will not waste a lot of money on taxis. You may also get a hotel with complimentary breakfast but do not waste your money by buying foods in the Hotel especially if you’re strictly on a budget. There are a lot of great places where you can eat a good and authentic Thai dishes on a budget.

Stray Dogs everywhere

There are about thousands of stray dogs in the streets of Thailand. You can expect that you’re going to see them along the way with their poor conditions. These dogs are suffering from lesions, fleas, rashes, hunger, and abuse. They are homeless dogs that were not taken care of properly by their owners and were left on the streets. Some of these dogs are even very aggressive due to its anxiety and experience on how they are being abused in the past.

The population of these dogs arises as dog owners are not spaying and neutering them. Some good locals are providing food and water for these dogs. There are organizations in Thailand where they rescued and care for these stray dogs. Let’s help one another to give these dogs rehabilitation, love, and care.

Temples. Lots of them.

One of the most amazing things to know before visiting Thailand is its temples. The country is widely known for its beautiful temples and palaces. By entering the temple’s premises, you must strictly follow their rules and dress codes. They require you to wear a proper attire that doesn’t show off a lot of skin.

a temple in thailand

Make sure to research first every tourist destination’s operating hours and entrance fee so you will not be scammed by tuk-tuk and taxi drivers. These people will tell you that the temple you are trying to visit is close and they are very happy to take you to another temple and let you visit jewelry shops.

You can invest for a map or learn some Thai words.

Your vacation is not complete without a Thai massage

Massage in Thailand is very cheap. You will be surprised at how good and therapeutic their Thai massages are. Invest in different types Thai massages, at least three to five times a day. It will only cost you about three dollars(USD) compare to the rate of massage parlors in your home country.

Also, do not forget to tip generously to the masseurs if you are satisfied with their service. Stay away from those massage parlors that states happy girls. Those kinds of massage parlors will offer extra services after the actual massage.

Beware of scammers

In every country, there will always be scammers. It is important to always be alert and never let your guard down whenever you are traveling. One of the most essential things to know before things to know before visiting Thailand is to protect yourself from these scammers.

There are a lot of different scams you find in Thailand and one of their famous scams includes overcharging foreigners and taking advantage of their lack of familiarity in Thailand. Refrain from buying anything that is being endorsed and offered to you in streets including jewelry and clothing. Though may look authentic, but it’s actually not.

Do not be deceived by its huge discounts. That is simply their way to put you under pressure to buy from them.

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Don’t be easily deceived by beauty

Not all beautiful women you have encountered in the streets of Thailand are female. One of the things to know before visiting Thailand is you’ll never know if the woman who made your head turn could actually be a ladyboy. They are called as Kathoey in Thailand which refers to a man wearing women’s clothing and copying their mannerism.

two thai girls

They are widely accepted in the country as they had greatly contributed to the society. If you want to find one, you can watch ladyboy cabaret shows. It is very entertaining and at the same time, you can gain knowledge about Thailand’s culture and community.

Avoid the month of April and May

This is probably one of the most important things to know before visiting Thailand.

April and May are the summer months of Thailand which is ten times hotter than their regular temperature. The humidity is more than 100%. It is the cheapest time to visit base on the travel fares and hotel rates.

This is the time of the year where tourist rates are slow and will be expected to drop. The ideal time to visit Thailand is from October to February. This is their cold months and the temperature is less humid.

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