John and Som’s Story on TrulyThai

TrulyThai John and Som Success Story

The contents of this article are solely based on John’s story which he gladly sent over to TrulyThai.

Based on John’s message, he was just about to stop using TrulyThai because he thought that no woman will be able to commit in a serious relationship and will all just be hookups not until when he saw Som’s profile on the list of users who are currently online last May 2015. He was captivated by her beauty and decided to give it a try once again so he immediately made contact with her with TrulyThai’s messaging feature. Lo and behold, John didn’t expect that Som would reply instantly. John describes Som based on their chats that she is a very good conversationalist and a genuine and committed woman. Som may be a workaholic but she was able to give time to communicate with John from time to time.

John is a lawyer from Belgium and Som is an accountant from Thailand. They didn’t expect that they shared a common interest such as they are both a fan of Stephen King’s books and loves everything about the ocean. He described that both their jobs were pretty demanding so it’s pretty hard to keep constant contact especially when both of them live in different time zones and practically on the opposite sides of the planet. John lives on Belgium and Som is in Thailand. But since that time, he knew that Som was the one for him so he didn’t give up on making the relationship work.

After a few months of communication, he visited Som in Bangkok to meet her in person for the first time. His trip to Bangkok went great. Not only that he got to visit Thailand, he’s now engaged to the woman of his dreams. They married last January 2017 already and currently living in John’s home country.

“A thank you to TT(TrulyThai)”

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