Bee and Richard’s Story on TrulyThai

TrulyThai Bee and Richard Success Story

This is about the two individuals who started their love story in TrulyThai.

Always look at the bright side of things. You’ll never know that any moment now, you will meet your ideal match. It started out that Bee was very hopeless after her major breakup and decided to join TrulyThai to find someone who will be able to open up her doors to love again. She was in doubt at first if she will be able to find a better and committed man for her at TrulyThai. Luck brought her and she met Richard last mid-July 2014, an charming American national.

Bee has just found out that she and Richard were new members in TrulyThai and just had gone also went through a major breakup. Despite their culture and age difference, Bee was very happy that she met a man who understands and loves her unconditionally.

Then Richard came to Thailand to meet Bee personally. The photo above was their very first photo together at Maya Beach, Phuket Thailand. When Richard went back to America, he promised Bee that he will come back to Thailand very soon. A year after, they got married at Thailand and Richard brought Bee to America and lived happily together.

“I joined TrulyThai to mend my broken heart. I was able to meet many nice guys there but then I met Richard. A charming American man. We were just the perfect match. We even agree on the same things, from likes to dislikes. We kept constant communication even though it’s hard because of time zones but we are able to get through it. We got married last August 2015 and we’re very happy with each other.”

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