The Romantic’s Guide to Dating in Phuket, Thailand

Love is everywhere, even in the most hopeless of places. All hopeless romantics need to do is endeavor to find it in the right place, time, and person. And for many people, that means jumping into dating in Phuket.

If you’re looking to try your luck in Thailand, specifically Phuket, you’ll need to keep in mind that the journey may not be as easy compared to the one from back home. Fortunately, we have carefully curated a beginner’s guide that can make dating in Phuket comfortable for non-locals. 

The Basics

1. The Thai Language

As with finding love in any foreign land, if you’re an expat, learning basic Thai phrases can be helpful in more ways than one. It can help with basic greetings, questions, directions, and even romance.

Learning the Thai language basic phrases isn’t mandatory in the Phuket dating scene, but it’s well-appreciated by many Thais, especially your next potential romantic interest. It can make an impression that you somewhat have an interest in your Thai date and their culture.

Of course, remember that learning the Thai language is not limited to what’s spoken through the mouth. Much of Thailand’s culture and language heavily rely on non-verbal communications. So even if you hardly understand a word they’re saying, you may listen instead to their eyes, their lips, their body language. Even the slightest smile can mean reception of interest.


2. Traditional dating

Remember that Phuket is an island found in one of Thailand’s southern parts. This means that the further away from the country’s capital city, the more likely it is for locals to have a more traditional and reserved culture.

So if you’re out to find love with a local in Phuket, then it’s time to hold back on the more straightforward dating ways. Thai culture is generally more reserved, conservative, and highly religious, and these aspects shape the dating culture as well. Dating in Phuket most likely means following a more traditional dating set-up.

Like how Thai women are brought up to be more reserved and men are supposed to make the first move— or even following specific gender roles throughout your dating experience. But in the end, dating in Phuket, despite all the traditions, can be worth it.

3. Family Matters

When it comes to the more traditional kind of dating in Phuket, your Thai date will always have their families involved in your romantic life. This is because of Thailand’s history of having arranged marriages that still happen even today.

It is significantly stricter when you’re dating a Thai woman, and in some cases, families might require a dowry to allow the marriage. But of course, since the historic days, Thailand has grown to be modernized, and these old-fashioned family traditions don’t necessarily apply to all Thais anymore. However, understanding certain parts of their history can allow you to understand the cultural norms of dating Thais even today.

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4. Love through the soul, not the eyes

With the sandy beaches and picturesque landscapes, one would think that dating in Phuket requires being as attractive as the beautiful beaches around the island. But in truth, dating Thais do not heavily rely on physical appearance.

Since non-verbal communication is one of the more prominent cultural norms in Thailand, it’s not a surprise how it transcends in finding romance as well. Thai people believe in the saying “actions speak louder than words,” and it’s also the belief they carry when it comes to love. Romance for Thai people is serious and requires a deep emotional connection.

Dating in Phuket means that being in love with another soul is more spiritual than physical.

5. Hands to yourself

Loving through the soul is what matters the most in dating Thais. With this belief, along with Thailand’s more conservative nature, it has become a social norm even to this day that public display of too much affection is highly discouraged.

So if you’re used to being touchy with your partner in public and not having a care in the world with making out with them in public, then it’s time to keep your hands to yourself. Being overly physically affectionate in Thailand is reserved between you and your Thai romantic interest. But don’t be too worried because a simple kiss on the cheek or even putting your arm around your loved one is still acceptable; just remember not to overdo it.

6. Respect the Thai Culture

Out of all the basic tips on dating in Phuket and finding love on such a beautiful island, there’s only one thing that will increase your likelihood of successfully writing your Thailand love story. And it’s to fully respect Thailand’s culture and all its people. Use an open mind even with all the cultural differences. It’s time to set aside the more western and modernized perspectives and delve into Thailand’s rich culture.

And with Phuket situated on an island far away from the more modernized cities in Thailand, you’re sure to find a more reserved and traditional Thai community.

But even with the rich culture and traditional ways in Thailand, always remember that each person is unique in their own way. Some Thais may be more liberated than others. Whichever the case, the key is respecting all kinds of people and culture. Respect is the most basic form of love. It should be given to everyone, including, and especially, your Thai romantic interest.

Fantastic Love and Where to Find It

So now that you know the basics of dating in Thailand, we now move on to where you can find Thai Singles and start dating in Phuket.

Sunny Beach Days

You’re more likely to fall in love with the pristine beaches in Phuket, Thailand, before even finding romance. So if you’re looking for the best place to find potential love interests or places to take them on dates, then let the sunny beaches in Phuket, Thailand be your wingman.

If you’re looking to find the best place to take out your Thai single during the day, then taking them out on beach hopping adventures in Phuket might be the perfect activity to do. 

Some people have different tastes in beaches, so for the more lively and eventful beaches, you can plan your trip to Patong or Kata beaches in Phuket. As for those who have a more tranquil and meditative taste in beaches, you might want to try Karon, Bangtao, Chalong, Cape Panwa, Koh Siray, or Ao Po beaches.

Whichever kind of beach it is, you’ll most likely find it in Phuket.

Party and Romance on Phuket Nights

Nights in Phuket can be experienced in two ways. Enjoying the stroll of the picturesque city lights or going all out partying within the nightclubs and bars. Anywhere is always a chance to find love or enjoy the company of your date. It all boils down to you and your date’s taste in nightlife activities.

For those couples who are more on the adventurous and tipsy side of the nightlife, then you might want to try exploring the different bars and nightclubs on Bangla Road and Central Patong. These roads come to life at night to lure in expats and Thai singles alike. Dating in Phuket has never been this fun under the bustling lights, mind-numbing spirits, and music to dance to.

Of course, not everyone is fond of big crowds and partying! Some people like to enjoy other kinds of entertainment that are more cultural or activities where you can still enjoy your date’s company even while sober.

Some couples might want to watch shows that they’ve never seen before, like the Simon Cabaret show on Sirirat Road, Patong, which features spectacular performances by transgender people. For a more traditional cultural show, couples might want to try going to Siam Niramit Phuket Show in Phuket Town. The show features songs, dance routines, and traditional martial arts. It also is set on prime lakeside land found in Phuket town’s outskirts.

But apart from all of these, there are still many other ways to enjoy dating in Phuket. Like online dating.

Love Through A Screen

Traditional dating isn’t the only method one can use to find The One nowadays. We also have onhand a wide array of online dating applications and sites. These allow users to connect with other hopeful romantics from all over the globe. This is especially useful for singles incapable of visiting Phuket due to the pandemic. Platforms like TrulyThai can get one started on their online dating journey.

However, we need to note that online dating presents obstacles unique to the digital social landscape. Aside from having to find the dating platform that suits you the most, you’ll also need to curate the perfect profile followed by interacting with other singles, some of which may not be as genuine as one may believe.

Be that as it may, you mustn’t let potential mishaps deter them from striving to find love. Online dating, much like traditional dating, can bring some of the best moments and people in your life. And there’s a possibility of you experiencing both even from the safety and comfort of your home. 

Here is a primer on how you can better introduce yourself to other hopeless romantics on dating sites. All that’s left to do is explore, have fun, and keep safe while journeying for love. 

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